Question: What is your freedom as a student?

The freedom for students to learn, explore, and challenge ideas while building and sharing your own opinions is the foundation of what is called academic freedom. The freedom to learn. This freedom protects students from unfair treatment by instructors based on the students opinions and beliefs.

What is your right as a student?

1. The Right to Learn. All students have the right to learn. This means they should be provided with the opportunity to attend school or participate in another learning environment, and be given the materials and information they need to gain knowledge.

What are your duties as a student?

Duties & Responsibilities of Students in SchoolMeeting Academic Expectations. Being Punctual & Respectful. Being in the best of behaviors. Obey all the teachers. Maintain discipline in the class as well as in school. Keep the school neat and clean. Follow the rules & regulations of the school. Do the assigned work on time. •22 Aug 2019

What responsibilities come with your rights as a student?

Student ResponsibilitiesTurn in my assignments on time.Turn work in on time.Get my work done, no excuses.Turn in assignments that are neat and organized.Stay on topic and help keep the class on point.Plan ahead, and know when my deadlines are.Stay organized in the class.

What are the five duties of a student?

Responsibilities of Studentsattending classes on time and regularly.being prepared for classes with all necessary supplies.taking good care of school property.completing all homework assignments.organizing their time well.respecting themselves and others.reading on a regular basis.doing their best.

What is the responsibility of a good student?

Student must be punctual and regular as well and should pay proper and continuous attention towards his final goal. Student should be considered equally important on all subject and It is the moral duty of every learner that he should provide proper respect and reverence to his teachers.

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