Question: Do flying foxes come out during the day?

They use various calls as a form of communication, tending to make the most noise at dawn and dusk, when flying out to feed at night or returning to camp trees to sleep during the day. They can get pretty noisy when they are disturbed, but during the day, flying-foxes are generally quiet as they are nocturnal animals.

Where do flying foxes go during the day?

It is an important disperser of rainforest plant species. Flying-foxes sleep during the day in camps of up to tens of thousands of individuals. They hang upside down to sleep, but have to turn up the other way to go to the toilet. Flying-foxes eat blossoms, nectar and pollen and fly long distances.

How do you scare away flying foxes?

What can residents do to deter flying foxes from backyards?Placing predator decoys (e.g. owls) on verandahs or in trees;Trimming food or habitat trees in your yard;Placing reflective or shiny deterrents (e.g. CDs or aluminium foil strips) in tree branches; or,

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