Question: Why does Escanor change without his glasses?

Short answer: Escanor can remain in his (skinny) nighttime form during the day due to his glasses, a magic item given to him by Merlin which allows him to suppress his powers. as a result, Escanor drains his lifespan due to the strain put on him by the power.

Can Escanor control sunshine?

Escanor. Cruel Sun「 無慈悲な太陽 クルーエル・サン , Kurūeru San; literally meaning Merciless Sun」: Escanor creates a miniature Sun, which radiates so much heat that it melts nearby armor. He can control it with hand gestures and strike his opponents with it, and it will increase in size as his power grows.

Can Escanor transform without the sun?

Weaknesses: Escanor has no control over his Sunlight ability, he will continue to grow in strength depending on what time of day it is.At night he becomes incredibly weak,but still very agile.

Why is Escanor the sin of pride?

Escanor, a member of the Deadly who bears the Sin of Pride, symbolized by the Lion symbol tattooed on his back, the middle-aged Escanor was originally a prince of the Kingdom of Castellio until he was disowned and driven from his homeland due to his inability to control his monstrous strength, with a woman named Rosa ...

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