Question: How do you use a hyphen sign?

How do you sign a hyphen?

Creating the - symbol on a U.S. keyboard To create a hyphen using a U.S. keyboard, press the hyphen key. Its on the same key as the underscore ( _ ), to the right of the zero key.

How do you use dashes correctly?

A dash is a little horizontal line that floats in the middle of a line of text (not at the bottom: thats an underscore). Its longer than a hyphen and is commonly used to indicate a range or a pause. Dashes are used to separate groups of words, not to separate parts of words like a hyphen does.

What does a hyphen look like in a name?

A hyphenated last name is just what it sounds like: your and your partners last names, connected with—you guessed it—a hyphen. Oftentimes, hyphenated last names are described as a merge of a womans maiden and married names (her prewedding surname and her spouses surname).

What does a hyphen in a first name mean?

If you choose to give your child a double-barrelled first name, a hyphen is a good practice but not a requirement. The hyphen indicates which name goes in which place as opposed to a first and middle name. However, in the history of double-barrelled first names, hyphens are not used in everyday practice.

Where do you use a dash in a sentence?

DashesTo set off material for emphasis. Think of dashes as the opposite of parentheses. To indicate sentence introductions or conclusions. To mark “bonus phrases.” Phrases that add information or clarify but are not necessary to the meaning of a sentence are ordinarily set off with commas. To break up dialogue.

Can you have a hyphen in your middle name?

People often use a hyphen between their middle name and last name themselves, and/or are spelled that way by other people and by mass media. There is no limit on how many given names a Swedish citizen can have; given names have never been referred to as middle names, but simply as förnamn, given names.

Do you put a space before a hyphen?

The dash (–) is used to set off additional material within a sentence, often in order to emphasize it, to set off appositives that contain commas, or to indicate missing words. When typing, use two hyphens together without spaces to form a dash. Do not put a space before or after the dash.

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