Question: Where does France rank football?

Which European country is best for football?

FIFA Ranking (Europe)TeamRankPtsBelgium11822France31762England41753Italy5174551 more rows

What is the best football team in the World 2021?

Top 10 Most Popular Football Clubs In The World 2021 Right NowReal Madrid: There is no doubt Real Madrid is the most popular football club in the world. Barcelona: Barcelona is the second most popular Football Club Right Now. Manchester United: Juventus: Cheslea: Paris-Saint-German: Bayern Munich: Arsenal: •Aug 9, 2021

What is the best country to play football?

Planet Football: Top countries where the sport is thrivingGreat Britain. Mexico. Austria. Japan. Brazil. China. France. Key stat: France has a huge if moderately competitive federation, counting 215 registered clubs and 22,136 members. Australia. Key stat: There are approximately 4,000 members in the Australian federation. •Nov 26, 2016

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