Question: How do you write a love test with names on paper?

What does the A stand for in the game Mash?

Mansion, Apartment, Shack (Learn how and when to remove this template message) MASH is a multiplayer paper-and-pencil game commonly played by children intended to predict ones future. The name is an acronym of Mansion, Apartment, Shack/Street/Shed/Sewers/Swamp, and House.

What are good mash categories?

For starters, its now called STAT: Shack, Tiny Home, Abandoned School Bus, Tent.Step 1: Real estate. Write STAT across the top of the page. Step 2: Love. We used to say, Choose five people you want to marry. Uh, no. Step 3: Work. We used to say, Choose five careers. Ha! Step 4: Kids. Step 5: Car.9 Aug 2018

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