Question: What is gold used for in Fallout 76?

A rare component that is used in certain high-tech mods and devices. It is particularly important for high-end laser weapons and mods.

What can you do with gold in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 - What to buy with Gold Bullion You can exchange Gold Bullion for new plans including weapons, mods and armour parts, including the new T-65 Power Armour and Secret Service set.

Where can I spend my 76 gold?

There are three Gold Bullion vendors you can visit to turn in this currency to receive various rewards.The first is at the Crater, found on the north side of the map. The second is at the Foundation, found in the south part of the map. The third is at Vault 79, found on the northeast side of the map.7 Jul 2021

What is the fastest way to get Gold Bullion in Fallout 76?

How do I obtain Gold Bullion? By exchanging Treasury Notes at Gold Press Machines, up to a daily limit. Treasury Notes can be earned from Wastelanders daily quests and by completing Public Events. Gold Bullion can also be purchased directly from a vendor in the Wayward using Caps, up to a weekly limit.

How do I farm Gold Bullion in Fallout 76?

1:357:07Earn MAXIMUM Gold Per day!! - Fallout 76 Wastelanders - YouTubeYouTube

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