Question: Where are Fujitsu computers manufactured?

Every Fujitsu computing product is qualified in Japan, ensuring the highest quality and reliability. Built in a stringent quality environment called Qfinity, all Fujitsu computing products are vigorously tested before they are shipped to you.

Which country made Fujitsu?

Japan Fujitsu started in Japan in 1935. Since then we have grown to become the number one IT company in Japan, and one of the best-known brands. We provide a wide variety of IT services and products in Japan.

Which computers are made in China?

The companies holding the largest market share in the Computer Manufacturing in China industry include Foxconn Technology Group, Quanta Shanghai Manufacture City, Lenovo China, China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. and Inventec Group.

What computer brands are made in Japan?

The Top 10 Japanese computer systems vendorsOki6.4networks, semiconductors, peripheral units: printers, multimedia systemsRicoh10.2computers, peripherals: printers, data storage-, imaging- systemsSeiko Epson4computers, printers, liquid crystal displaysToshiba47semiconductors, DRAM, computer monitors19 more rows

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