Question: Do dialogue choices matter in AC Odyssey?

The dialogue options in Assassins Creed arent just set pieces — theyre the whole point of the game.

Do dialogue choices matter in Valhalla?

There are only two possible endings to Assassins Creed Valhalla, and the only decisions they take into account are those which affect Eivor and Sigurds friendship. As a result, only decisions which impact this relationship ultimately matter.

Does AC Odyssey have dialogue options?

Odyssey fully embraces its desire to be a full-on RPG then, and that means more than just levelling, more elaborate questing and tons of loot. Now there are those dialogue choices and in-game decisions that shape not just the Ancient Grecian world around you but the ebb and flow of the story itself.

What do you do with DAG in Valhalla?

After defeating Dag, youll have the choice to give Dag his axe or deny him his axe. YOU SHOULD GIVE DAG THE AXE because its one of the games five key choices to make that drastically affects the ending of the game. If youre after the true ending, give Dag his axe.

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