Question: Why do babies like to be swaddled tight?

A swaddle helps your baby feel safe and secure as she adjusts to life outside the womb. Swaddling helps prevent her from flailing her arms and legs, which can trigger her startle reflex and potentially cause her to wake up. A swaddle keeps baby cozy and warm until her internal thermostat kicks into gear.

Why do people swaddle babies so tight?

The idea is that the first three months of your babys life is a complex transition period for them after they emerge from the womb to the outside world (Ockwell-Smith, 2012). Considering this, it makes sense that babies would enjoy being wrapped gently (not too tightly) so they feel secure like they did in the womb.

Does a tight swaddle help baby sleep?

It can be very helpful for a newborn in getting them calm. It also helps with the Moro (startle) reflex where they throw their arms out uncontrollably, which can wake a sleeping newborn. Having their arms down and being wrapped tightly can help with that.

When should baby sleep with arms out?

In general, babies do best when swaddling lasts for 4-5 months. Then, you can start the weaning process by wrapping your baby with one arm out. If she continues to sleep well for a few nights, you can stop swaddling completely.

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