Question: Where are the strawberries in Celeste?

Climb up and dash above the crystal so you fall on it to regain your dash. Before hitting the spikes, dash to the right on safe ground. Instead of jumping up, dash through the brown rock to find a hidden strawberry.

How do you get all the strawberries Celeste?

Strawberry Seeds are small yellow collectibles that are scattered around a room. Collecting them all spawns a Red Strawberry in a specific location, however in order to get them all, the player has to grab them without touching the ground. If the player dies after unlocking the berry, it will still remain in place.

What are the strawberries for in Celeste?

Strawberries are the main type of collectible in Celeste. Littered throughout most of the chapters, these floating berries really tend to increase your death count. They lock in when the strawberry feels safe. Once you secure a strawberry, it stays cashed in for the entire level.

Are there strawberries in Celeste B sides?

There are no strawberries in the B-Side levels and each level ends with a Red Crystal Heart.

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