Question: Can you use too much eyelash serum?

Applying too much eyelash serum Here is the thing; Apply eyelash serum is piece of the cake, but consistency is playing a remarkable role to grow longer eyelashes. The lashes only require just enough to stimulate the growth of the lashes. By applying excess serum, we are only putting our eyes in danger.

Can you use eyelash growth serum on lower lashes?

It is often recommended not to apply the serum on your lower eyelashes. This is because the lower eyelashes have fewer lashes than the upper lashes; as such, it is easy for the eyelash serum to get into the eyes in the process.

What happens when you stop using lash serums?

If you stop using the serum then your lash come back to normal. Because there is nothing to make your lash keep growing. Once you stop using the serum your eyelash will gradually come back to previous lenght and volume, it does not happen overnight but slowly as long as full growth cycle completed.

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