Question: How much XP does a bottle o Enchanting give you?

The Bottle o Enchanting is a throwable item (similar to a splash potion ) that drops three to eleven experience points per bottle.

How many levels is a bottle of enchanting?

Grand Experience Bottle is the second tier Experience Bottle. At Enchanting Level 0, it gives 31 levels (1500 XP).

How much XP does a colossal XP bottle give?

ExperienceEnchanting LevelXP increaseXP yielded14%287284.428%298333.8312%309383.2416%320432.657 more rows•8 Sep 2020

How do you get a colossal XP Bottle?

The Colossal Experience Bottle Upgrade is an item used to double the experience given by the Titanic Experience Bottle. It can be bought from Elizabeth in the Community Center for 1,200 Bits.

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