Question: What is an unreachable person?

unreachablenoun. A person or thing that cannot be reached. unreachableadjective. Unable to be reached; impossible to attain.

What is a unreachable goal?

c : impossible to achieve : not attainable an unreachable dream/goal.

What does it mean to be untouchable in a relationship?

Word forms: untouchables If you say that someone is untouchable, you mean that they cannot be affected or punished in any way.

How do I make my phone not reachable?

Top 10 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not ReachableAirplane/Flight mode. The easiest way to make your mobile phone unreachable is simply putting it on an aeroplane or flight mode. Change the mobile network. Change network mode. Forward call. Sim card trick. Third-party applications. Remove the battery. Aluminum foil.

How do I fix unreachable?

How to fix: ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE in Chrome?Restart your router and device.Clear browsing data.Clear Chrome DNS cache.Bottom Line: ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE Chrome.Dec 12, 2020

How do I get an unreachable code?

While some simple cases of unreachable code can be detected by static analysis (typically if a condition in an if statement can be determined to be always true or false), most cases of unreachable code can only be detected by performing coverage analysis in testing, with the caveat that code reported as not being ...

What is another word for living forever?

immortality Endless life after death: afterlife, deathlessness, eternity, everlasting life, everlastingness.

How do I make my iPhone unreachable?

You can simply do that enabling airplane mode in iPhone. Please see the screenshots for the setting change. Please go to settings on iPhone, you can see the Airplane mode as the first line in settings. Turn on Airplane Mode to set your iPhone unreachable.

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