Question: What is the tolerance for g6?

What is g6 tolerance for shaft?

ISO Shaft Tolerances (ISO 286-2)(3mm-400mm):GradeNOMINAL SHAFT SIZES (mm)f6-10 -18-62 -98f7-10 -22-62 -119g5-4 -9-18 -43g6-4 -12-18 -5418 more rows

What is H7 g6 tolerance?

For example, using an H7/p6 press fit on a 50mm diameter: H7 (hole) tolerance range = +0.000 mm to +0.025 mm. p6 (shaft) tolerance range = +0.042 mm to +0.026 mm. Potential interference will be between โˆ’0.001 mm and โˆ’0.042 mm.

What is an h6 tolerance?

For a shaft of the same size, h6 would mean 10+0โˆ’0.009, which means the shaft may be as small as 0.009 mm smaller than the base dimension and 0 mm larger. This method of standard tolerances is also known as Limits and Fits and can be found in ISO 286-1:2010 (Link to ISO catalog).

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