Question: What CC is a Honda Cub?

Is a Honda Cub a moped?

Honda Produces 100 Millionth Super Cub! Besides its classic step-through design, the big advantage the Super Cub has over its siblings is its 17-inch alloy wheels and relatively long 48.9-inch wheelbase, which make it more stable and comfortable, and make it more of an actual motorcycle and not a moped.

How fast does a Honda Super Cub 125 go?

Honda says top speed is 60 mph, but unless you are very petite and not carrying any gear, you will likely see closer to 50 mph. The long-stroke plant runs a 52.4 mm bore with a 57.9 mm stroke and a compression ratio of 9.3-to-1 with Hondas PGM-FI to meter the fuel and a SOHC to time the two-valve head.

What CC is a Honda Cub 90?

Honda C90 Super Cub (Passport)Make ModelHonda C90 Super Cub (Passport)Capacity89.5 cc / 5.5 cu inBore x Stroke50 x 45.6 mmCooling SystemAir cooledCompression Ratio8.2:123 more rows

How much does the Honda Super Cub cost?

2021 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS • $3,749.

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