Question: What happens when two air masses meet?

When two different air masses come into contact, they dont mix. They push against each other along a line called a front. When a warm air mass meets a cold air mass, the warm air rises since it is lighter.

What happens when air masses meet at a front?

When a front passes over an area, it means a change in the weather. Many fronts cause weather events such as rain, thunderstorms, gusty winds, and tornadoes. At a cold front, there may be dramatic thunderstorms. At a warm front, there may be low stratus clouds.

What happens when air masses of different temperatures meet?

When air masses with different temperatures meet, they dont mix together. Instead a narrow boundary forms between them which is called a front. A front is a narrow boundary between two air masses. Usually when fronts occur one air mass is moving into an area while another is moving out.

What causes air masses to move around genius?

Prevailing winds, which are winds that blow in one direction, move air masses around. These winds are caused by the uneven heating of air.

What type of weather can be expected between the two air masses?

Basically, a weather front represents a boundary between two different air masses, such as warm and cold air. If cold air is advancing into warm air, a cold front is present. On the other hand, if a cold air mass is retreating and warm air is advancing, a warm front exists.

What are air masses moved around by?

Air masses are large bodies of air that have similar temperature and humidity. These air masses are moved around the atmosphere by prevailing winds that blow in one direction. At the boundaries between air masses, weather fronts form. Weather fronts cause changes in the weather such as rain, storms and wind.

When two air masses meet there is a or boundary?

weather front When two air masses meet together, the boundary between the two is called a weather front.

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