Question: Is 1.5 GB of data a lot?

Listen to almost 35 hours of music for 1GB of data. At that rate, youd burn through close to 1.5GB in an hour. Netflix. Stream about 1 hour of standard-definition video per gigabyte.

Is 1.5 GB per day enough?

A majority of Indians rely on mobile data Most mobile data plans come with a daily limit of 1.5GB to 2GB per day. This is generally adequate for regular usage, but not when it is used for work as well as leisure.

Is 1 GB per month enough?

1GB (or 1000MB) is about the minimum data allowance youre likely to want, as with that you could browse the web and check email for up to around 40 minutes per day. Thats still not much, but should be fine for lighter users. 1GB data sample monthly usage: 40 minutes daily of web browsing.

Is 1.5 MB a lot?

At about 25 times faster than dial-up, 1.5 Mbps is a high-speed Internet connection, usually delivered over DSL. With 1.5 Mbps of download speed, you should have no problem with basic Internet activity, but may find more bandwidth-intensive activity a bit sluggish.

Which plan is best for Jio fiber?

Jio Broadband Plans 2021Jio Fiber Plans ListData & SpeedPriceJioFiber ₹1,499 Monthly PlanUnlimited @300 Mbps₹1,499JioFiber ₹2,097 Quarterly PlanUnlimited @100 Mbps₹2,097JioFiber ₹2,394 Semi-Annual PlanUnlimited @30 Mbps₹2,394JioFiber ₹2,499 Monthly PlanUnlimited @500 Mbps₹2,4996 more rows

Is Jio 2am to 5am free?

Users get free 4G data between 2am and 5am Jio users can enjoy 4G data for absolutely free between 2 am and 5am daily. This means the data that they consume between these hours will not get deducted from their daily allowance.

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