Question: Why do I feel twitching near my eye?

A common cause of eyelid twitching is ocular myokymia. This is benign and does not lead to other problems. Ocular myokymia can be caused by being tired, having too much caffeine, or stress. One cause of persistent, frequent eye twitching is a condition called benign essential blepharospasm.

What causes twitching near the eye?

What causes twitching eye? Numerous factors can cause eye twitches, including stress, fatigue, bright lights, irritation of the eye or inner eyelids, smoking, pollution, and excess caffeine or alcohol. These sorts of twitches usually go away on their own.

What drugs can cause eye twitching?

Some medications that have been linked to eye twitching are: Topiramate (Topamax) Medications taken for Parkinsons disease, such as carbidopa/levodopa (Rytary or Sinemet)...Certain things tend to make eye twitching worseCaffeine.Lack of sleep.Stress.Anxiety.Eye strain.Apr 16, 2021

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