Question: Are you awake double eyelid surgery?

This usually leads to less scar tissue and smoother, more refined results. Are you awake during droopy eyelid surgery? In an Awake Blepharoplasty, patients are completely conscious during the procedure. The local anesthesia is usually paired with a soothing sedative to help the patient stay calm and relaxed.

Do you have to be awake for double eyelid surgery?

In most cases, double eyelid surgery takes approximately one hour. It is usually performed while the patient is awake using local anesthesia and some sedation to make you as comfortable as possible.

Is double eyelid surgery scary?

This is often especially true of cosmetic eyelid surgery. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, so what happens if youre stuck with curtains you just dont love? Pre-surgical fear is completely natural, but cosmetic eyelid surgery is not as scary as you may think.

Are you asleep during ptosis surgery?

Ptosis surgery is performed under local anesthesia with sedation (the patient is awake but does not feel the procedure).

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