Question: Why did Hannibal get bad ratings?

By season 3 though, Hannibal was regularly drawing below a 0.5 in the prized 18-49 demographic, a miserably small number. Additionally, producer Martha De Laurentiis would suggest a contributing factor to Hannibals bad ratings, that being that the series was heavily pirated.

Why did Hannibal get low ratings?

Why did Hannibal have low ratings? Most shows which air on big broadcast networks like NBC are produced by it. But, Hannibal was an international co-production, and NBC only paid to license it and show it in the U.S. This indicates that NBC didnt put any money for making the show.

When did Hannibal get Cancelled?

August 29, 2015 Hannibal/Final episode date

Does Netflix still have Hannibal?

But this is a unique case, because one of the shows leaving this time is one of my favorites… ever, and what I would argue might actually be the best show on Netflix. That would of course, be Hannibal. As of right now, Hannibal is scheduled to leave Netflix on June 5, a week from today.

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