Question: What is the largest air plant?

Whats the biggest air plant?

Tillandsia Xerographica plant These are some of the largest Xerographica currently available on the retail market in the United States. Rare in boutique garden shops and even hobbyist greenhouses, this spectacular Tillandsia Xerographica plant is the most stunning plant we have.

What is the fastest growing air plant?

Some of the fastest growing air plants are the T. ionantha variety, T. stricta, T. All of these plants are considered mesic varieties, which means that they prefer filtered indirect light and more water.

What air plants should not be soaked?

The T. pruinosa, and T. seleriana both have ample trichomes which is another reason why they shouldnt be soaked. Soaking might cause them to rot due to too much water.

Do air plants get roots?

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are part of the family of plants known as epiphytes, which means that they anchor themselves to another plant but are not parasitic. Tillandsia do not use their roots for nutrients, just as an anchor!

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