Question: Who is Evelyn baby daddy?

The father of Evelyn Lozadas baby is Carl Crawford of the Los Angeles Dodgers, PEOPLE has learned.

Who is the father of Evelyn Lozadas baby?

Lozada began dating MLB player Carl Crawford in 2013. In December 2013, Lozada and Crawford announced their engagement. Lozada gave birth to their son, Carl Leo Crawford on March 22, 2014.

Did Evelyn Lozada have a baby?

Evelyn Lozada Welcomes Son Carl Leo The Basketball Wives star, 38, and her fiancé, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford, 32, welcomed a son on Saturday, March 22, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. “Baby boy is so handsome and she cant wait to reveal him to the world.”

How much child support does Carl Crawford pay Evelyn?

Shes asking a judge to raise Crawfords payment to a “reasonable” $15,000 per month, or $189,000 a year. MUST READ: BABY NEWS: Evelyn Lozada Reveals Sons Name + Mila & Ashton Are Expecting A That 70s Baby!

How old was Evelyn with Leo?

At 17, the reality star gave birth to her daughter, Shaniece Hairston. Lozada revealed that her pregnancy with Leo was planned and she enjoyed her second pregnancy with her son much better than the first with her daughter.

What is Jennifer from basketball wives net worth?

As of 2021, Jennifer Williams net worth is $25 million.

Who is Evelyn the ghost?

Evelyn Borden is a fictional mental patient and a supporting character featured in the The Ring film series. She is the biological mother of Samara Morgan and the late wife of Galen Burke. Of something strange but true. Kind Eyes 4.

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