Question: Is Garu a boy or girl?

Is Garu from Pucca a girl?

Pucca is a 11 year old girl ( 11 since Slam Bam Birthday Bash) with an unstoppable love for Garu. Garu is a 13 year old ninja ( 13 since The Cursed Tie) ninja whose main goal in life is to restore honor to his family. Considered the sweetest girl in town, she is skilled in sword battle. ...

How old is Abio Pucca?

14 Abyo (아뵤 Abyo) is one of the major characters in the Pucca universe. Abyo is a very outgoing, competitive, stubborn, energetic, and an excitable boy who resembles Bruce Lee. Hes Garus best friend, and hes also good friends with Pucca and Ching....AbyoAge14GenderMaleResidesSooga VillageProfessional information15 more rows

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