Question: Does coconut oil have linoleic acid?

Which oils are high in linoleic acid?

Area percentage of linoleic acid in borage oil is 38.47%, in evening primrose oil is 74%, in canola oil 20.12%, in corn oil 59.27%, in sunflower oil 71.17%, in cottonseed oil 56.35%, in linseed oil 15.18%, in soybean oil 56%, in olive oil, 7%, in extra olive virgin oil 8.64%, in olive pomace oil 10.33%, in peanut oil ...

Is there linoleic acid in olive oil?

Oleic acid is the main fatty acid in olive oil and accounts for 55–83% of total fatty acid content. Olive oil also contains variable amounts of linoleic acid (3–21%) and linolenic acid (<1%).

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