Question: Why dont they show Ethan Winters face?

He has gone on to be as emblematic of the series as the lettering on the title, or the voice that says the title on most of the games starting menus. The absolute refusal to let Ethan feel a part of this larger world by giving him a face feels instead like a rejection of whats come before.

Why is Ethans face never shown?

Ethans face is never shown within the gameplay for Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil Village due to players controlling Ethan from a first-person perspective. An unused version of Ethans character model, hidden within the games assets, has fully developed facial features.

What is wrong with Lucas Baker?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment) He is the son of Jack and Marguerite Baker who, like his parents, was infected by the E-Type bioweapon known as Eveline. Unlike his parents, however, Lucas was already psychotic before being infected with the Mold.

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