Question: What is the most flattering mask color?

For the vast majority of us, navy blues, soft cool pinks, blues and greens are probably safe options,” Jackson says. “If you have red hair or a warmer complexion you can probably safely avoid orange or hot pink when it comes to mask colors.” People with darker skin might consider a luxurious gold mask, she says.

What should your mask match?

Take a more creative approach when styling your mask by mixing and matching with a complementary array of colors, tones, and prints. Include a color, a neutral tone, and a print in your outfit to create a complementary and compelling look that perfectly matches your mask.

Should my outfit match my mask?

Nothing is as simple as matching your whole outfit to your mask. Its super easy to wear a black mask with a black dress and a black jacket for a well-put-together outfit. Also, for something more low key, wearing a navy mask with a dark blue shirt and a pair of dark wash jeans can look more put together and concise.

Why do I look better with mask?

Your Brain Might Be Distorting Reality Freud and his colleagues did a more recent study to see if after a year in masks, people were better able to perceive masked faces. Its just a friendly reminder that what we see when we dont see, is more complex than it first appears—especially when it comes to faces.

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