Question: Can you track a Samsung Galaxy phone?

If youve lost your phone or tablet, you can pinpoint its whereabouts using Find My Mobile. When you want to track a phone or device, navigate to the Find My Mobile website. Select Sign in, and then enter your Samsung account credentials. It needs to be the same Samsung account associated with the phone or tablet.

Can a Samsung phone be tracked?

Samsung doesnt have an app you can use on another phone to track a lost device. Instead, you can use any mobile or desktop browser to visit Once there, log into your account and select the device youre looking for. If its powered on, you will see its current location and battery percentage.

How do I track someone elses Samsung phone?

Step 1: From any Samsung, visit 2: Sign in using the login credentials of the account that is active on the lost/stolen Samsung phone.Step 3: Select the Samsung phone you wish to access from the given list of devices. •1 Apr 2021

Does Samsung have a location tracker?

Activate the Android Device Manager options. Tap on the toggle next to “Remotely locate this device” to activate location tracking of your Samsung Galaxy device. Android Device Manager uses your devices location, so make sure that it is activated.

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