Question: Why string mains tighter than crosses?

1. It is a matter of personal taste - but I personally like better the first approach with mains slightly (2-4 lbs, but depends on string) tighter - the reason is that the mains are longer and the actual tension is simlar with the one in the shorter crosses at a smaller tension.

What kind of string is RPM Blast?

co-polyester string Babolat RPM Blast is a black, octagonal co-polyester string and is undoubtedly one Babolats most legendary products! Its the string of choice for Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem and Jo Wilfred Tsonga; Nadal being the poster boy for this one, of course.

What is the difference between RPM Blast and RPM Blast rough?

Andy - Compared to the standard RPM Blast, RPM Blast Rough is much softer, more comfortable and more powerful, but it wont offer the same amount of control, spin and tension maintenance. Its softer and livelier than Luxilon ALU Rough, but it wont provide as much of a connection to the ball.

What tennis string has the most power?

natural gut strings The most powerful strings on the market are natural gut strings. (See: Babolat VS Gut 17g or Wilson Natural Gut 16g). However, natural gut can be very expensive. Therefore, many of the manufacturers have introduced multifilament strings.

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