Question: How long do daphnia live for?

Daphnia usually live about ten to thirty days and can live up to one hundred days if their environment is free of predators. An individual will generally have ten to twenty instars, or periods of growth, during their lifetime.

Why do Daphnia die?

Daphnia will die off if conditions are not good, and then magically reappear when conditions improve. If a culture suddenly dies off, test the water to see what caused it. Usually it is poor water conditions caused by overfeeding. Dont clean out the culture container unless another daphnia source is available.

What temperature is ideal for daphnia?

Begin preparing the container 48 hours before introducing the Daphnia. Temperature is one of the most important environmental factors for Daphniaand should remain near 70°F for successful breeding. Also, the pH of the water should be kept at 7 to 8.5.

How can I make Daphnia grow faster?

#1 – Green Water Doesnt Matter Daphnia are such great water cleaners that they can clean up lots of gallons in a matter of two days. So, dont be afraid to add lots of food yeast and spirulina. They will eat a lot! The smaller the tank, the less green water you will see because the Daphnia clean it up so fast.

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