Question: Is Sky paying for children of light?

Over on mobile, Sky: Children of the Light is free-to-play. thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen told GamesIndustry that the plan is to offer something thats a hybrid of premium and free-to-play.

Will Sky: Children of the Light be free?

Its now available to download on the Switch eShop, and its free-to-play with a decent amount of content to get you started at no cost.

Is Sky free on Nintendo?

Sky: Children of the Light, thatgamecompanys hit meditative title, is finally on Nintendo Switch. Its also free-to-play on Nintendo Switch, with a free main story arc as well as an 8-player mode.

Can you play Sky: Children of the Light?

Sky: Children of the Light is available for Google Play, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Do you need Nintendo online for sky children?

The good news is, you dont need to pay for Nintendo Switch Online to play Sky with friends.

Is Sky children of the light connected to Journey?

The Sky: Children of the Light Switch version is out now, bringing thatgamecompanys followup to Journey to a console for the first time.

How do you get elder hair in the sky?

Completing a Realms Constellation gives you the ability to unlock the hair of the Elder of that Realm. You complete a Realms Constellation by purchasing every single Expression upgrade, Wing Buff, Blessing, and Cosmetic item in each Ancestor Spirit Map.

What is the point of sky in children of light?

When you begin the game, you learn that your main goal is to free trapped Spirits and return them to the light. Therefore, its pretty clear that they drive the story of the game and help you proceed from quest to quest. However, its not made clear at the beginning just how important the Spirits are.

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