Question: Who is Alex Mason modeled after?

Alex Mason, the guy you play as in Black Ops, was the real assassin of John F. Kennedy.

Is Alex Mason Lee Harvey Oswald?

While Mason is stumbling around after his interrogation, he mentions Kennedy... This is referring to the man who was believed to have shot President Kennedy: Lee Harvey Oswald, who was an alleged Soviet defector.

Is Alex Mason Reznov?

Reznov was presumably captured and sent to a prison camp in Vorkuta and had been there for the past 18 years. There, he became a companion to an American prisoner named Alex Mason by gaining his trust and protecting him during their time in the gulag.

Is Hudson the CIA mole?

However, he only did so to protect David Mason from Menendez. Hudson is then killed later in the mission by Menendez. SO this rules out Hudson as the mole. Later in the mission Odysseus, Javier Salazer is shown to have been working with Menendez, like a mole.

Was Mason a sleeper agent?

Mason was implanted with the knowledge to interpret the outgoing broadcasts from Dragovichs numbers station and was also programmed to become a Soviet sleeper agent with the primary purpose of assassinating then-U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

How did Hudson betray Woods?

Hudson was forced to relay false information to Mason and Woods, who only had just managed to capture Noriega, also known as Objective False Profit, saying that he had intel on a Nexus target.

Does Hudson betray Woods?

At first, Hudson was a bit hesitant, even mentioning to Woods that he had two children at home. But in the end, he decided to sacrifice himself so that Woods and David could live.

Why was Alex Mason brainwashed?

In 1963, Mason was brainwashed by Soviet General Nikita Dragovich to kill U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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