Question: How far can the Honda e go?

How far can Honda e go?

Real Range between 120 - 255 kmCity - Cold Weather165 kmHighway - Cold Weather120 kmCombined - Cold Weather140 km

What is the range of the new Honda e?

136 miles The Honda e will cover up to 136 miles to a charge, although the more powerful Advance is likely to offer a range closer to 125 miles. A full charge will take five hours from a standard 7kW home wallbox, or a 100kW rapid charger will deliver an 80% battery top-up in 30 minutes.

What is the difference between the Honda e and the Honda e advance?

The Es single electric drive motor sits between its rear wheels. In the base model, it makes 134bhp, while the Advance we tested gets 151bhp. Both are good for 232lb ft of torque (from standstill), but the Advances extra power shaves 0.7sec off the 0-62mph time of 9.0sec, even though its extra gear adds around 30kg.

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