Question: Can human eyes be white?

ANSWER: Humans are different from other animals in many ways. For example, unlike many other animals, human eyes have white in them. This white part, called the sclera, is found on the outside edges of the eyeball. For other animals, the sclera is typically dark and hard to see, but for humans, its visible and white.

Why are some peoples eyeballs so white?

This occurs due to elevated bilirubin levels in the blood stream that deposit in the conjunctiva of the whites of the eye. It can be a sign of liver or gallbladder (hepato-biliary) disease but can also occur in healthy people with slight variation in their liver metabolism.

Why my eyeballs are not white?

One common sign of a health problem is yellow eyes. Often this yellowing is referred to as jaundice. There are many possible causes for yellow eyes. Most are related to problems with the gallbladder, liver, or pancreas, which cause excess amounts of a substance called bilirubin to collect in the blood.

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