Question: How old is Benjy fishy?

The professional gamer has become one of the youngest competitive players in the Fortnite competitive sphere. In 2019, Benjy became a member of NRG eSports as a Fortnite: Battle Royale player. Benjy David Fish, known as Benjyfishy on social media, was born on April 2, 2004 in England, the United Kingdom.

How old is Benji fishy?

17 BenjyfishyBirthdayApril 2, 2004 (age 17)ResidencyEU EuropePower RankingsAll21038019 more rows

How much is Benjy fishy worth?

BenjyfishyNameBenjy David FishCountry of BirthUnited KingdomBirthdayUnknownEst. Net Worth$1.2 million

Is Benjy fishy in FaZe?

FaZe Clan member Kyle Mongraal Jackson and NRG star Benjy BenjyFishy Fish revealed why they think its easy to become a professional Fortnite player compared to other top esports.

What is Mongraals real name?

Kyle Jackson Kyle Jackson, known on social media as Mongraal, is a British professional eSports gamer who focuses on Fortnite. At just 13-years-old, Kyle became one of the youngest professional eSports players in Fortnite and was even featured on BBC.

Who is the most richest fortnite player?

Kyle Giersdorf Top 10 Fortnite Players In The WorldRankNameEarnings#1Kyle Giersdorf$3,069,900#2Williams Aubin$1,117,000#3David Wang$1,890,840#4Benjy Fish$494,6006 more rows•Aug 28, 2021

What nationality is Benjy VR?

High production value bangers. Benji (born: October 1, 2003 (2003-10-01) [age 17]), formerly known online as RD Benji, is a Norwegian-born American YouTuber known for his comedic videos. Some of his most popular videos are about Danielle Bregoli, Woah Vicky, and Lil Tay.

How old is h1ghsky1?

H1ghsky1NamePatrickCountry of BirthUnited StatesBirthdayApril 1, 2007 (age 14)Height<5ft

How old is Clix now?

16 years (January 7, 2005) Clix/Age Clix was born on January 7, 2005, meaning hes just 16 years old and already a sensation in the industry. His journey began back in 2017 with Twitch and soon after, he added a YouTube channel as well. The teenager shot to fame when he qualified for the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in 2019.

How tall is FaZe cloak?

CloakzyNameDennis LeporeCountry of BirthAmericaBirthdayDecember 26, 1994 (age 26)Height5 ft.10 (178cm)Est. Net Worth$1.2 MillionAug 4, 2021

How tall is faze kay?

Body Measurement: Height and Weight Shes 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weighs about 67 kilograms. Faze has dark hair with matching eyes.

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