Question: What do Koreans eat pickled radish with?

Korean pickled radish is usually served with meals that are deep fried or heavy on meat because the bright, tangy radish lightens up. You can serve this with any of these meals: Korean Fried Chicken. Asian Chimichurri Steak.

Why do Koreans eat so much pickled radish?

And pretty much 99% of the Korean population eats it pretty much everyday at every meal. Thats because Koreans need that fresh feeling in their mouth. So even if theyre not eating Korean food, non-Korean restaurants in Korea will serve SOMETHING that will give that fresh feeling (i.e. pickles, pickled radish, etc.).

Why do Koreans eat pickles with meals?

“Another quirk about Korean Italian restaurants that my friend warned me about is that pickles are always served alongside pasta dishes because Koreans find pasta sauce (particularly creamy ones like alfredo) to be too rich to eat on their own.

Why do people eat pickles with pizza?

Pickles work on pizza because, put simply, the flavors are complimentary. Plenty of people already top their pizzas with strongly flavored salty and briny things, like banana peppers, olives and sardines, and pickles definitely fit the mold.

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