Question: What is Hideki Tojo good at?

Tojo had great power at the beginning of the war and in the West was often likened to Hitler and Mussolini. Besides serving as premier, he was a general in the army, war minister, and, for a short time, home minister.

What is Tojo famous for?

Tōjō was the prime minister of Japan during most of the Pacific War. He was one of the architects of Japans expansionist policies in Asia and directed Japans military efforts during its earliest and most successful campaigns.

What was Tojo actions?

Upon Japans surrender, Tojo tried to commit suicide by shooting himself with an American . 38 pistol but he was saved by an American physician who gave him a blood transfusion. He was convicted of war crimes by an international tribunal and was hanged on December 22, 1948.

Why was Sweden not invaded by Germany?

Moreover, an agreement from the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905 stated that no fortification was allowed along this border. One of Germanys demands on Sweden, as Germanys invasion progressed, was that Sweden was not to mobilize.

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