Question: Who is Lily and Rufus son?

Scott Rosson is the biological son of Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen.

Does Lily and Rufus find their son?

Lily, annoyed at his rudeness, tells him off and he leaves. Rufus admits to her that that is Andrews brother, and then Georgina reveals that Andrew isnt their son; Scott is. Shocked, they abandon their wedding to follow him to the bus stop. Theyre able to catch him before he leaves, and they happily reunite.

Why did Bart Bass fake his death?

Bart reveals that he faked his death to save Chuck and Lily, and has been hiding from everyone for the past three years. The car crash actually happened, and that it was ordered by one of Barts enemies. When he was in the hospital, he paid the doctor to say he died and then recruited Diana Payne to help him hide.

Does Lily marry Rufus?

They begin dating again and eventually marry in Rufus Getting Married. However, Lily later chooses Bart Bass over Rufus and annuls their marriage in The Return of the Ring. They eventually become friendly again and are both present at Dan and Serenas wedding in the series finale time jump, New York, I Love You XOXO.

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