Question: Are there snakes in Beastars?

Appearance. She is a rattlesnake with a very long body, making her one of the tallest characters (if not the tallest) in the series. Her body has a pattern of six spots that resemble eyes. In addition to having long black eyelashes, Rokume does not wear any clothing, except for a hat that is her uniform.

Is it illegal to eat meat in Beastars?

Despite the consumption of meat being criminalized in the world of Beastars, there exists a loophole within the law that allows the Black Market to exist. The consumption of live meat is punishable by law, but most of the goods circulated within the Black Market come from hospitals and funeral homes as donations.

What animal is melon from Beastars?

Melon is a half-breed, as his mother is a leopard and his father is a gazelle. He has the general appearance of a gazelle with the jaw, claws, and eyes of a leopard. He wears a surgical mask in public to hide the leopard spots on his face.

Who killed Beastars?

Riz Season 2 reveals that Tems killer was Riz, a brown bear who is also part of the drama club and became close friends with Tem in the weeks leading up to his death.

Are there humans in the Beastars world?

In Beastars, in the first season, there are no humans. There is no mention of humans and none cant be seen. The viewers are under the impression that humans do not exist in this world.

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