Question: What is a gynecologist for a man called?

Gynecologists specialize in womens sexual and reproductive health care. Physicians who specialize in mens sexual and reproductive health care — including the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the male sex and reproductive organs — are called urologists.

Are Gynaecologists for men?

Some of the best gynaecologists ever have been men, says Dr Laura Cassidy. There are other women, however, who actually prefer to have a male gynaecologist. Its really a case of how well a doctor and patient communicate with each other, and some women actually communicate better with the opposite sex.

What can make a mans genitals hurt?

What are the common causes of pain in the testicle?damage to the nerves of the scrotum caused by diabetic neuropathy.epididymitis, or inflammation of the testicles, caused by the STI chlamydia.gangrene, or the death of tissues, as a result of untreated testicular torsion or trauma. •Nov 26, 2018

When should a man go to a urologist?

Men are encouraged to see a urologist for a checkup especially around the age of 50, although many are suggesting going sooner, around the age of 40. Going sooner rather than later is the key, especially if you are noticing certain health issues.

Can a yeast infection make your balls hurt?

One of the most common fungal infections of the genitals is candidiasis . Candida fungi live in or on your body in your intestines and skin. If they grow out of control, they can cause an infection. This can cause your testicles to get itchy.

What STD makes your balls ache?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) Untreated chlamydia in men, as well as gonorrhea, can contribute to symptoms like testicular pain. But, alhough chlamydia and gonorrhea are the most common STIs associated with testicular pain, other STIs can trigger chronic scrotal pain as well.

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