Question: How can you tell the difference between anaphylactic shock?

The difference between an allergic reaction and anaphylaxis is the latter involves the respiratory and/or cardiovascular system. People who have an allergic reaction often have skin symptoms, so they might have a rash, they might have some swelling of the face, the lips or the eyes, Ms Said said.

What is the primary difference between an anaphylactic reaction and an anaphylactoid reaction?

Anaphylaxis is defined as an immediate systemic reaction caused by rapid, IgE-mediated immune release of potent mediators from tissue mast cells and peripheral blood basophils. Anaphylactoid reactions are immediate systemic reactions that mimic anaphylaxis but are not caused by IgE-mediated immune responses.

How do you Recognise anaphylactic shock?

Symptoms of anaphylaxisfeeling lightheaded or faint.breathing difficulties – such as fast, shallow breathing.wheezing.a fast heartbeat.clammy skin.confusion and anxiety.collapsing or losing consciousness.

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