Question: How does liaison eyelash serum work?

HOW IT WORKS - Our peptide lash serum will help to stimulate weak bonds still present in your lashes to encourage natural repair for full, healthy and strong results. Peptides nourish and help vitalize the natural renewal cycle of your hair.

Does liaison lash serum really work?

It Truly Works! Ive used a few lash serums in the past and some worked ok and some didnt work. I hadnt used any in a long time and eyelash extensions were getting too expensive. I saw an ad for Liaison Lash and didnt expect much, but figured I would give it a try and Im so glad I did!!!

How do you apply liaison lash serum?

0:4411:04testing the liaison lash bond eyelash growth & extension serum for 1 ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd you apply this product at night time to the base of your eyelash root. And you just wear itMoreAnd you apply this product at night time to the base of your eyelash root. And you just wear it overnight and its supposed to help them grow. And create longer and fuller lashes.

What does liaison mascara Bond do?

Liaison Mascara Bond uses peptides to help boost your lashes and brows with all of the rich minerals they need for consistent and healthy stimulation as they gain natural strength and shine.

How long does it take for liaison to work?

Does Liaison lash bond really work? Reviews of this product show that the first results, however small, can be seen after 2 weeks of daily use but the best results appears after about 12 weeks, which means if you use it daily, youll get your desired result by the end of the tube.

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