Question: What is the discharge at the mouth of the Río de la Plata river?

Where does the La Plata river system drain?

Draining approximately one-fifth of the South American continent, extending over some 3.1 million km2, and conveying waters from central portions of the continent to the south-western Atlantic Ocean, the la Plata River system rivals the better-known Amazon River system in terms of its biological and habitat diversity.

What two rivers make up the Río de la Plata?

It contains three important river systems: the Paraguay, Paraná, and Uruguay. The latter two merge to form the La Plata River, an estuary that drains into the southern Atlantic.

How deep is the Río de la Plata?

The depth of the water—varying from 6 feet above the shoals to 65 feet in the intervening channels—is reduced along the southern coast by an offshore shoal. The Argentine coast of the estuary is low-lying; its banks are of marine debris and coarse sand, and the coast is subject to flooding in places.

Why is it called Río de la Plata?

The rivers modern name was given by explorer Sebastian Cabot who made a detailed study of the river and its tributaries in the 1520s. The name comes from the fabled Sierra del Plata, or the “Silver Mountain”, that was thought to lie upstream.

What is the other name for La Plata river Basin?

The Río de la Plata basin (Spanish: Cuenca del Plata, Portuguese: Bacia do Prata), more often called the River Plate basin in scholarly writings, sometimes called the Platine basin or Platine region, is the 3,170,000-square-kilometre (1,220,000 sq mi) hydrographical area in South America that drains to the Río de la ...

What is the meaning of La Plata?

Definitions of La Plata. an estuary between Argentina and Uruguay. synonyms: Plata River, Rio de la Plata. example of: estuary. the wide part of a river where it nears the sea; fresh and salt water mix.

Where is Río de la Plata?

Rio de la Plata is the muddy estuary of the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers, and forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay. The rich estuary supports both capital cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The Paraná is South Americas second longest river, and drains much of the southeastern part of the continent.

What are the most important cities on the Río de la Plata?

Río de la PlataRío de la Plata River Plate, La Plata RiverCountriesArgentina and UruguayCitiesLa Plata Buenos Aires Montevideo San Fernando San Isidro Vicente López Avellaneda Quilmes Berazategui Hudson Punta Lara Atalaya San Clemente del Tuyú Ciudad del Plata Ciudad de la Costa Colonia del Sacramento23 more rows

Which river is known as river of Silver?

Río de la Plata, (Spanish: “River of Silver”) , English River Plate, a tapering intrusion of the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of South America between Uruguay to the north and Argentina to the south.

Does Plata mean money?

If you want to say the word for “money” in Spanish, you would generally say “dinero” or “el dinero.” However, a fairly common slang term for money is “plata.” And you can easily find a few dozen other terms across the Spanish-speaking world.

How do you say La Plata?

0:481:03How to Pronounce La Plata | La Plata Pronunciation - YouTubeYouTube

Why is the Río de la Plata important?

For the people living along its shores, the Río de la Plata always has been useful as a waterway. As a thoroughfare for trade, the estuary is important not only to the people of the coasts but also to the inhabitants of the most remote areas of the drainage basin.

Can you fish on Silver River?

​Fishing. If you like fishing, two small lakes at Silver Springs SFWA offer catches of channel catfish, large and smallmouth bass, bluegill and crappie. The river yields excellent catches of large and smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, channel catfish, bullhead, carp, northern pike or muskie.

How does Argentina look like?

Argentina is shaped like an inverted triangle with its base at the top; it is some 880 miles (1,420 km) across at its widest from east to west and stretches 2,360 miles (3,800 km) from the subtropical north to the subantarctic south.

What is Plata slang for?

Plata o plomo is a Colombian Spanish slang phrase that translates to “silver or lead.” A person saying the phrase is telling the listener to either accept a bribe (plata, meaning “silver,” a common slang term for money in Colombia) or lose their life (plomo, a metonym for “lead bullet”).

What does Plata Plomo?

Narcos is full of brilliant quotes, but none epitomizes Escobars intimidation more than “Plata o Plomo” a phrase in Spanish for silver or lead, meaning take the money (bribe) or I will take your life. Plata refers to coins made of silver. Plomo refers to bullets made of lead.

How much does it cost to get in Silver Springs?

Entry Fees The cost of admission to Silver Springs is $2.00. Children 6 and under are free.

Can you swim at Silver Spring?

As of now, swimming is not permitted at Silver Springs. Boating, kayaking and canoeing are alternatives guests can enjoy in order to experience our beautiful waters first hand.

Which is safer Argentina or Chile?

The most visited country on the continent and one of the top three safest places to travel in South America, Argentina has so much to offer any type of traveler. The Global Peace Index ranking is 74, which is considerably higher than Chile and Uruguay.

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