Question: What is Satoyama Japan?

Satoyama (里山) is a Japanese term applied to the border zone or area between mountain foothills and arable flat land. According to this definition, satoyama contains a mosaic of mixed forests, rice paddy fields, dry rice fields, grasslands, streams, ponds, and reservoirs for irrigation.

What is the Japanese satoyama system?

The Satoyama landscape is a mosaic system of land use in Japan, comprising secondary forests, croplands and settlements. The various ecosystem services provided by the interactions between humans and the environment at the landscape level are together known as the “Satoyama system”.

What is satoyama culture?

A Satoyama is an environment where people have co-existed with nature over time, living near the border of the Sato, where people live, and Yama, which means mountain. Those that understand Satoyama culture are aging and cultural succession is in danger of disappearing.

Why are they called paddy fields?

Etymology. The word paddy is derived from the Malay word padi, meaning rice plant, which is itself derived from Proto-Austronesian *pajay (rice in the field, rice plant).

What does paddy mean in Ireland?

Definitions of Paddy. noun. (ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Irish descent.

What do you call an Irish person?

The adjective is Irish, and the noun is Irishman, Irishwoman, or Irish person, with the collective form the Irish.

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