Question: Can you capture Hans Fire Emblem?

Can you save Scarlet Fire Emblem Fates?

While falling towards the bottom of the canyon, Corrin is attacked by a mysterious man, but is saved when Scarlet sacrifices her life by using her body as a shield to absorb the full impact of his blows.

How do you capture people in Fire Emblem Fates?

In Fire Emblem Fates, the ability to capture enemy units is limited to two units, the Nohrian Outlaw Niles and the Hoshidan Diviner Orochi. Both of their Personal Skills allow them to capture enemy units by giving the special Capture Command.

Can you recruit Beruka in birthright?

Beruka is a quiet and remorseless Wyvern Rider in service of Lady Camilla of the Nohrian noble family....Beruka.How to RecruitStarting ClassBeuka Room.pngFirst SeenSecondary ClassChapter 10FighterChildPotential Mates-Corrin, Xander, Leo, Benny, Arthur, Niles, Odin, Laslow, Keaton, Jakob, Kaze, Silas, Saizo, Azama1 more row•Feb 18, 2016

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