Question: How often does Isabelle evaluate your island?

How often does Isabelle update island evaluation?

visits the island every Saturday or Sunday (formerly Friday). After achieving a 5-star rating for the first time, Isabelle rewards the player with the DIY recipe for the golden watering can and one lily-of-the-valley spawns on the island every week as long as the rating holds.

How do you get Isabelle to evaluate your island?

To unlock the island evaluation rating from Isabelle, you will need to have at least six houses built on the island along with residents/villagers to reside in them (not including your house).

How do you get 4 star island rating?

To reach a 4-star rating on your island, youll need to place furniture and flowers all over the island. Speak with Isabelle in Resident Services to know if theres anything thats missing.

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