Question: What episode does Tanaka ask Kiyoko to marry him?

Broken Heart (Episode)

Does Tanaka propose to Kiyoko?

At the beginning of the main story, Tanaka is a second-year in Karasuno, while Kiyoko and is a third-year at the same school. The first thing he does — he makes a marriage proposal, but Kiyoko rejects him.

What episode does Kiyoko hold Sugawaras hand?

Obsession Obsession (Japanese: こだわり, Kodawari) is the seventh episode of Haikyū!!

Does Kiyoko leave Karasuno?

She eventually retired from the sport for unknown reasons. In her first year at Karasuno, she was recruited by Daichi to become the manager for the boys volleyball team.

Does everyone in Haikyuu like Kiyoko?

Karasuno High The team respectfully acknowledges Kiyoko as part of the team. She often gets crowded by Yū Nishinoya and Ryūnosuke Tanaka, who both have a huge crush on her, on a daily basis.

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