Question: When was Cannock Chase planted?

Why is Cannock Chase called Cannock Chase?

The Bishops Chase In 1290 part of Cannock Forest became the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfields Chase, a term that referred to a forest controlled by an individual rather than a monarch. here in the 13th century. It was called Beaudesert, meaning beautiful wild place.

How old is Cannock Chase forest?

1066-1087: the royal hunting forest of Cannock Forest is created in the reign of William the Conqueror. 1290: the area we now know as Cannock Chase was carved out of the forest and formally granted by the king to the Bishop of Lichfield as a private chase. 1200-1300: glass working is operational around Wolseley Park.

How hilly is Cannock Chase?

Despite having only 65 meters of elevation, the hill has a wide variety of trails to keep riders busy. Each run lasts around a minute, but theres enough to keep you busy for a good many hours.

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