Question: What is the meaning of cluster location?

a place where a concentration of a particular phenomenon is found.

What is the meaning of cluster area?

Definition of cluster area in the English dictionary The definition of cluster area in the dictionary is a place where a concentration of a particular phenomenon is found.

What does cluster mean example?

The definition of a cluster is a group of people or things gathered or growing together. A bunch of grapes is an example of a cluster. A bouquet of flowers is an example of a cluster. noun. 10.

What does cluster mean in geography?

A geographical cluster is a localized anomaly, usually an excess of something given the distribution or variation of something else. A geographical cluster is different from a high concentration as it is generally second order, involving the factoring in of the distribution of something else.

What is an example of a cluster sample?

An example of single-stage cluster sampling – An NGO wants to create a sample of girls across five neighboring towns to provide education. Using single-stage sampling, the NGO randomly selects towns (clusters) to form a sample and extend help to the girls deprived of education in those towns.

What is cluster and nodes?

In Hadoop distributed system, Node is a single system which is responsible to store and process data. Whereas Cluster is a collection of multiple nodes which communicates with each other to perform set of operation. Or. Multiple nodes are configured to perform a set of operations we call it Cluster.

What is the difference between a cluster and stratified sample?

In Cluster Sampling, the sampling is done on a population of clusters therefore, cluster/group is considered a sampling unit. In Stratified Sampling, elements within each stratum are sampled. In Cluster Sampling, only selected clusters are sampled. In Stratified Sampling, from each stratum, a random sample is selected.

What are advantages of cluster sampling?

Advantages of Cluster SamplingRequires fewer resources. Since cluster sampling selects only certain groups from the entire population, the method requires fewer resources for the sampling process. More feasible. The division of the entire population into homogenous groups increases the feasibility of the sampling.

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