Question: What is the benefit of using APEX?

Eliminating Complexity. Oracle APEX eliminates the complexity of developing and deploying applications at all layers. The result is a low-code platform that is simpler, faster, lighter-weight, and lower-cost than the alternatives.

What are the advantages of Apex?

Some Oracle APEX advantages at a glance: A user-friendly low-code platform with a short development cycle. A better user experience and responsive design with the APEX “Universal Theme”. APEX applications also work on mobile devices (telephone/tablet) Graphically displayed, interactive and static data reports.

What are the benefits of using Oracle APEX on autonomous database?

Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database provides a preconfigured, fully managed and secured environment to both develop and deploy world-class applications. Oracle takes care of configuration, tuning, backups, patching, encryption, scaling and more, leaving you free to focus on solving your business problems.

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